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Klimplanten op stenen muur

Lena Scheibe, MSc


Full name:

Lena Katrin Scheibe



Hilde Mangold Haus

University of Freiburg

Habsburgerstraße 49

79104 Freiburg im Breisgau



+49 761 203 97193

A Bit About Me

Ever since I was little, I have loved plants and nature. On hiking trips, my mum would always teach me everything she knew about the plants and animals we encountered. Soon, I decided to study biology to learn more about them than she was able to teach me.

During my university time, I realized that I don't only love identifying plants, but also learning about the molecular and physiological mechanisms behind plant growth and survival.

In my free time I still enjoy hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities, alongside being creative by painting and sketching (mostly plants and mountains).

Education & Work Experience

March 2022

Oct 2018 - Oct 2021

Oct 2014 - Sept 2018

July 2010 - June 2011

Lab technician in Plant Environmental Signalling and Development at CIBSS / University of Freiburg, Germany.

MSc student in Biology at the University of Freiburg with a focus on plant ecology. I additionally worked as a student research assistant in Molecular Plant Physiology (Hiltbrunner lab).

BSc student in Biology at the University of Freiburg, with a focus on plant physiology for the Bachelor's thesis.

High School exchange in Logan Park High school in Dunedin, New Zealand.

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