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We moved the lab....

to the other side of the botanical gardens!

Last week we moved from the Hilde-Mangold-Haus to the main Biology II / III institute. We received a warm welcome from the Institute's leadership and support team and are already slowly starting to feel home. We now have much more space, and are closer to our beloved plants and colleagues which I am sure will stimulate many ideas and potential collaborations. Not only that, but we welcome 3 highly experienced and supportive technicians to the team!

We really look forward to doing some exciting research projects with Marita, Sabine and Gabi. This occasion and the sunny weather was the right time for an updated lab team photo!

Overall, it's been an exciting few months. We had many visiting students and collaborators, and we already miss them dearly. We will also miss our first member and technician Lena Scheibe very much, but are happy for her that she already found a new job. Fortunately, we will welcome several more students and collaborators in the coming months! Some major experimental difficulties seem to have been conquered, and we hope that we can make some big steps in the coming time. Finally, we had the Freiburg Rising Stars Academy week and are lucky to have had 2 Rising Stars in in the lab!

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