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The Team

The research group of Plant Environmental Signalling and Development is located at the Biology department of the University of Freiburg, in the Hilde Mangold Haus (previously ZBSA) next to the Botanical Gardens.

We are a relatively small, but inclusive, diverse and motivated team. We are always happy to discuss potential fellowship/funding applications and can host MSc and BSc for exciting research projects.

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Sjon Hartman

Group leader

Junior Professor

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Dr. Aida Maric

Postdoctoral Researcher


Rim Chaudhury, MSc

PhD Candidate


Lena Scheibe, MSc

Lab Technician

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Dr. Oyinade David

Postdoctoral Researcher


Kevin Daniel, MSc

PhD Candidate

Students & Guests

Juan Manuel Acién Luque (Universitat Jaume I)

Joshua Benjamin (IMPRS rotation)

Angelika Seidl (IMPRS rotation)

Anika Seppelt (Student Assistant)

Katharina Ruf (Student Assistant)

Alumni &

Past Members


Maria Eirini Peleki (MSc thesis)

Angélique Delavault (ESA Thesis Internship)

Johanna Soentgerath (MSc internship)

Miriam Kaltwasser  (MSc internship)

Hector Neumann Cardenas (MSc internship)

Katharina Ruf (BSc thesis)

Andreas Oberfell (BSc thesis)

Proefschrift Sjon0171_2_edited.jpg



PhD, MSc or BSc student

Interested in working with us? Have a look for potential vacancies here or contact me for available opportunities and internships. We can only respond to serious and sincere emails that describe why you want want to work with us specifically.

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