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Welcoming Rim and Oyinade to the lab

It's very exciting to see the lab slowly growing and we're very happy that Rim Chaudhury and Oyinade David have joined us in the last month. To celebrate and get to know each other better, we went for drinks and some food in the city.

Rim has joined us from India as DAAD PhD fellow, and will investigate how plants sense and use rain as a potential warning signal for upcoming flooding stress. Oyinade has joined us from Nigeria as a TETFund postdoctoral researcher to investigate if nanotechnology can help us make crops more resilient to waterlogging. We're excited to see what you will find and are so happy you're now part of the team!

In addition, as part of a MSc Plant Science course, we've had the pleasure of welcoming several great students in the lab this fall and they have all made great contributions to ongoing research lines and the overall atmosphere and team spirit of the lab. We're very happy that some will stay around for a while as student helpers or to start their MSc thesis.

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