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The first experiment

Lots has happened in the last month. We received some of our core hardware, including 2 plant growth cabinets and a GC to measure the plant hormone ethylene. They should soon be operational. We also heard promising news about 2 manuscripts and a grant that were under review (hopefully more about this soon).

Most importantly, last week Aida finally arrived in Freiburg and joined the lab! Before the Easter break we had our first lab social event with our core starting team, exploring Freiburg and sampling some of the local drinks and (not always so local) foods.

Lena's been very busy since she joined by preparing the molecular lab to do the first experiments. Aida's arrival kick-started this process even further, with them both doing the first DNA extractions as we speak, and with that, the very first experiment of our new lab. Small but important steps!

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