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Welcome to the website of

Plant Environmental Signalling and Development

The research in our laboratory focuses on how environmental signals control plant stress responses and development.

The research team is led by Junior Professor dr. Sjon Hartman

at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

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Our research focuses on understanding how plants use environmental signals to balance stress responses and their development. We focus specifically on how plants sense and acclimate to flooding stress, which is an increasingly major issue in agriculture. We discovered that plants have the capacity to "remember" flooding stress, which improves survival chances during subsequent flooding events. We aim to uncover how plants encode flooding memory, and identify the molecular targets that lead to improved flooding tolerance.





Our research is supported by CIBSS and the University of Freiburg.

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Dr. Aida Maric


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Dr. Sjon Hartman

Group Leader

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Dr. Oyinade David



Rim Chaudhury, MSc

PhD Candidate

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Kevin Daniel, MSc

PhD Candidate

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Sabine Kenz

Lab Technician

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Marita Hermann

Lab Technician

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Gabriele Meder

Lab Technician

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